Important Information

In an effort to help with some of the simpler more general questions you may have, the following may prove helpful in getting a better understanding of the processes you may face.

Frequently Asked

As each settlement is different here at C & C Conveyancing we offer a cost disclosure that’s tailored to your precise needs.  This way you will not be charged for services and products you don’t need. We aim to provide value as well transparency in all the cost that are associated with the settlement.

No, your settlement agent will attend settlement for you as part of the fees you pay for their services.
Your real estate agent should contact you at least one week prior to settlement to arrange for a final inspection.
If the property you are purchasing is vacant a buyer may be able to take possession on the day of Settlement. If the Seller is occupying the property then they are entitled to remain in occupation of the property until noon the day after Settlement.